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    well,its simple just keep shut…its all in the past

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    it’s better you tell your younger brother whatever happen back then, without adding or removing whatsoever details he needs to know. then leave him to decide

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    Sharon orji

    Mr Mayowa hardly is there anyone without a past. My advice is, if you know that there is nothing between you and the lady again and there won’t be, let your brother marry her. But if you know that you are still having feeling toward her or vice versa, it is better you stop the marriage now, so that you don’t end us braking your brother’s home by dating his wife in future.

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    James Fatoba

    My own opinion is that you should tell your brother the truth. If you guys didn’t have $ex, it would have been better. Who knows if she was pregnant for you & aborted it. Just tell your brother and leave him to decide what he will do. I believe, the lady too should know that such marriage is not ideal


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