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    My advice is you don’t bring in your son into your home. I believe you can give Nonso all the love and care he needs outside your home. Bringing in Nonso will only bring in unnecessary tension to your wife and children.

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    Seriously u need to take the boy back because nobody knows tomorrow, those children you depend on today might not be the one who will take care of you when you aged because God have purpose for every thing. What I will like you to do is that go back to your wife and narrate the story to her believe me she will accept since you are not taken back the mother. The earlier the better.

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    Hello Mr James. No matter how hard it is, you have to tell your wife yourself before she’ll get to know from outside which will be worse for I believe there’s no way she won’t still hear in the long run. Since you’ve lived together for 8 years & if you’ve been truthful to her, I want to believe she would know you didn’t plan it. No matter her reaction at first, just accept it. You need to apply wisdom when telling her, even if it requires you involvimg family elders. Also don’t force the staying of Nonso on her. It is not your (Mr James) home alone, it is your (Mr & Mrs James) home.


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