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    Adeosun Phummy

    In this case, the woman should pray that God should touch the heart of her husband and change his mind set, God should let him see the reason why they need more kids, cos, the agreement they had then was based on what they went through, now that things had changed the husband should just consider the woman, so that they wont allow the Devil in. Cos, by the time they begin to seek advice from friends…., am sure they will misled them. I know very much well that, it’s not all the people they were surrounded with loves their Union. In conclusion, it’s only God that put them through…..

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    Ibrahim Ajishafe

    Good day Mr Charls. If your determinant is the upbringing of the children, you need to consider how available your wife had been for the upbringing of the children before you take your final stand. If she has been available and forthcoming in terms of training the two children, i don’t think what she’s demanding for is too big. Sometimes in marriage, we just need to let our wives have their ways for love and peace sake.

    My advice is that, if additional two is too much for you, I don’t think additional one should do you any harm.

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    Hello Mr Charls,
    According to you, you didn’t agree on a particular number of children before marriage, you were just looking at two. Even if you’ve agreed, your own reason of looking at two children may be because of the society while she may be considering the then financial capacity.

    For how long will you be restraining yourself from your wife? Don’t you think by so doing, you are pushing her to adultery? My own opinion is that you should sit her down and discuss this so that it doesn’t get complicated and crash the marriage.


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