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    Almost everybody is someone’s ex. What of it you were working in a big organization where you were being paid well and everything was going fine for you and one day you discovered that your boss was your wife’s ex, would you leave the work and go back to the labour market?

    How intimate are you and your wife? If you are not that close it is time to get close and love each other the more. I don’t think you should stop the partnership because now that Raymond and your wife have met, whether you continue with the partnership or not they can still go behind you and date. You are the one that should prove to your wife that you are the best man for her.

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    This is quite a complicated issue, but I believe the strength lies in the trust you have for your wife right now. Everyone at one point or the other had an ex whom they broke up due to distance.
    Kindly sit with your wife to clear off her mind and reason with her as human too. One major advice I will tell you is, this is a better time to show her much more attention, affection, love and everything you can be to her so she won’t have any thought of her Exxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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    Do you perceive your wife is still have feelings for him? If yes, you can end the partnership. If no, then continue with it. Your wife is your major concern here.


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