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    John Akinfenwa

    it’s human that enacted tradition which I strongly believe should be aborted. your religion should be what you should considered the best way out, because it’s God over everything…he is going to settle your marriage in a miraculous way which tradition cannot offer you

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    Jesujoba Ibikunle

    I will advise you obey your faith (religion). Tradition won’t take you beyond this world. I won’t even call what your family head wanted you to do as tradition but idolatry which is totally against God. I believe this is a test of faith which every child of God must go through to declare your faithfulness. Please stand on the Lord’s side as your husband-to-be is doing. God will give you victory.

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    idua lilian

    My dear,in tough situation as this you need to take your stand and fight for your future we are no more in the barbaric age of shrine and deity demand you need to stand and defend your faith..prayer is the key…

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    Firstly, is your family head practising christianity or pure traditional/idol worshipper? If christianity, does he attend church (even if Sunday services only)? If yes, is there any pastor or elder who is a christian that he respects? If yes, you may need to plead with the pastor/elder to talk to him and you back it up with prayer.

    Peradventure his not a christian or don’t attend church, all you and your fiance have to do is to pray. Ask other brethren to join you in prayer. The God that delivered the Israelites from Egypt, will see you through iJN


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